Eagles Auditorium History
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This site is owned and constructed by Bill Kuhn, who is solely responsible for its content. Please feel free to contact me regarding any errors or omissions.

I am an amateur historian, and I've built this with an eye towards eventually assembliing an encyclopedic history of the building. My primary sources for this work are the two main Seattle newspapers of the era, the Seattle Times, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Both papers have extensive online resources. When I started, I thought I'd get everything I needed to know by searching for articles that included 'Eagles Auditorium'. Little did I know that I'd also need to search for 'Eagles Hippodrome', 'Eagles Hall', 'Eagles Temple', 'Rainbow Room', 'John Q Publics', 'Senator Ballroom', 'Publix', 'Jet City Hippodrome', 'Club Hippdodrome', and 'Eagles Gold Room'.

In researching the R&B years, I've also discovered that the artists were treated poorly by their agents, with frequent misspellings and other errors. I have attempted to correct these in the data history; that work is ongoing. Suffice it to say that the name is not 'Fats Dominoe'. It's also amazing that during these years there was virtually no record in the editorial section of the papers about these shows. Over the course of the 12 years covered by the R&B era, a scant half-dozen notices about the shows appeared in these 2 papers. They were happy to take the advertising money, but weren't about to write about these shows.

At this point, I've assembled about 7,000 artifacts from the history of the building and the site. I'm still busy assembling all the info; expect much more to come

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